About- Dr. Jina Infertility and Laparoscopy Center

Dr. Jina Infertility and Laparoscopy Center, based in Gorakhpur, is managed by Dr. Radha Jina and Dr. Nutan Jina. Dr. Jina Infertility & Advanced Laparoscopy Centre is one of the best Centre in Gorakhpur in the field of infertility surgery for men and women, open and laparoscopic surgery, advanced hepatobiliary surgery and cancer surgery. Dr. Jina is extremely passionate about her field of specialisation and believes that surgery is not just technical and mechanical but is also an art, wherein every patient and every pathology is different and requires tailormade specialized and focused surgical or medical care. 

Dr. Radha and Dr. Nutan have helped countless patients by performing infertility surgeries. They also strive to make laparoscopic surgeries affordable to all. The centre adheres to the standards of healthcare management and believes in delivering socially responsible and safe healthcare services. We are one of the best places for advanced laparoscopic surgery and conventional surgery.